August 26, 2015

The other shore open one thousand years

In April, to study in Load Balancing the home, chasing the dream, half the soul on the road, half the soul wandering in the text. Always wanted to do a talented male Polytechnic, but found to write what inspiration is less and less. This subtle, difficult to capture, is what time to start to go away from me, and become increasingly less control? I thought to myself. Suddenly wake up, seems to be from you after appearing in my life.

You look like the quiet lotus technology transfer like woman, far view of elegant, light and delicate fragrance smell near. Have your time is happy, have your dreams is sweet, your charming smile, think of is still the appearance of the first time. I don't have the heart to tell you, because you have lost the inspiration for me for a while, you bring me joy, buried the will of my loneliness. But I don't blame you, because this is only temporarily, so maybe I can change the style to be pessimistic and worldweary. If so, I would also like to thank you, far from my beloved bride.

I always believe
in fate, what kind of fruit do Yindeshen believe so, for love, I will cherish. Remember that Eileen Chang has a word, that you will meet those you have met. For thousands of years, the time has not been a long time. I think this is fate. There is not a good attitude to meet the new chapter of life, it is time to build up your own castle. I wish all my friends happy Ankang.

And the distant relatives, you gave me life, gave me everything I have now: health, beauty and wisdom. My kind parents, even if I have grown up, you still used to put me in. It was you all, and it taught me that I was no longer afraid of difficulties. Perhaps this flower is particularly large, and perhaps this flower is a very special, in short, it must be very beautiful. I want the seed to sprout from the root to the result, how can it be ten thousand years. Not a tenacious soul, how can without reason out of beautiful flowers?

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