February 29, 2016

The pictures you'd get to color in as kids

When they stopped for gas Czernobog announced he felt sick and wanted to ride in the front. Shadow didn't mind moving to the back of the bus. He could stretch out more, and sleep.

They drove on in silence. Shadow felt that he'd made a decision; something big and strange.

"Hey. Czernobog," said Mr. Nancy, after a while. "You check out the technical boy back at the motel? He was not happy. He's been screwin' with something that screwed him right back. That's the biggest trouble with the new kids-they figure they know every thin', and you can't teach them nothin' but the hard way."

"Good," said Czernobog.

Shadow was stretched out full length on the seat in the back. He felt like two people, or more than two. There was part of him that felt gently exhilarated: he had done something. He had moved. It wouldn't have mattered if he hadn't wanted to live, but he did want to live, and that made all the difference. He hoped he would live through this, but he was willing to die, if that was what it took to be alive. And, for a moment he thought that the whole thing was funny, just the funniest thing in the world; and he wondered if Laura would appreciate the joke.

There was another part of him-maybe it was Mike Ainsel, he thought, vanished off into nothing at the press of a button in the Lakeside Police Department-who was still trying to figure it all out, trying to see the big picture..

"Hidden Indians," he said out loud.

"What?" came Czernobog's irritated croak from the front seat.

'Can you see the hidden Indians in this picture? There are ten Indians in this picture, can you find them all?' And at first glance you could only see the waterfall and the rocks and the trees, then you see that if you just tip the picture on its side that shadow is an Indian..." He yawned.

"Sleep," suggested Czernobog.

"But the big picture," said Shadow. Then he slept, and dreamed of hidden indians.

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February 23, 2016

They may brag about the nights they won

Entering the casino, one is beset at every side by invitation-invitations such that it would take a man of stone, heartless, mindless, and curiously devoid of avarice, to decline them Business Broadband.

Listen: a machine-gun rattle of silver coins as they tumble and spurt down into a slot machine tray and overflow onto monogrammed carpets is replaced by the siren clangor of the slots, the jangling, blippeting chorus swallowed by the huge room, muted to a comforting background chatter by the time one reaches the card tables, the distant sounds only loud enough to keep the adrenaline flowing through the gamblers veins.

There is a secret that the casinos possess, a secret they hold and guard and prize, the holiest of their mysteries. For most people do not gamble to win money, after all, although that is what is advertised, sold, claimed, and dreamed. But that is merely the easy lie that gets them through the enormous, ever-open, welcoming doors .

The secret is this: people gamble to lose money. They come to the casinos for the moment in which they feel alive, to ride the spinning wheel and turn with the cards and lose themselves, with the coins, in the slots. the money they took from the casino, but they treasure, secretly treasure, the times they lost. It's a sacrifice, of sorts.

The money flows through the casino in an uninterrupted stream of green and silver, streaming from hand to hand, from gambler to croupier to cashier to the management to security, finally ending up in the Holy of Holies, the innermost sanctum, the Counting Room. And it is here, in the counting room of this casino, that you come to rest, here, where the greenbacks are sorted, stacked, indexed, here in a space that is slowly becoming redundant as more and more of the money that flows through the casino is imaginary: an electrical sequence of ons and offs, sequences that flow down telephone lines travel and tourism news.

In the counting room you see three men, counting money under the glassy stare of the cameras they can see, the insectile gazes of the tiny cameras they cannot see. During the course of one shift each of the men counts more money than he will see in all the pay packets of his life. Each man, when he sleeps, dreams of counting money, of stacks and paper bands and numbers that climb inevitably, that are sorted and lost. Each of the three men has idly wondered, not less than once a week, how to evade the casino's security systems and run off with as much money as he could haul; and, reluctantly, each man has inspected the dream and found it impractical, has settled for a steady paycheck, avoided the twin specters of prison and an unmarked grave.

And here, in the sanctum sanctorum, there are the three men who count the money, and there are the guards who watch and who bring money and take it away; and then there is another person. His charcoal-gray suit is immaculate, his hair is dark, he is clean-shaven, and his face and his demeanor are, in every sense, forgettable. None of the other men has even observed that he is there, or if they have noticed him, they have forgotten him on the instant.

As the shift ends the doors are opened, and the man in the charcoal suit leaves the room and walks, with the guards, through the corridors, their feet shushing along the monogrammed carpets. The money, in strongboxes, is wheeled to an interior loading bay, where it is loaded into armored cars. As the ramp door swings open, to allow the armored car out onto the early streets of Las Vegas, the man in the charcoal suit walks, unnoticed, through the doorway, and saunters up the ramp, out onto the sidewalk. He does not even glance up to see the imitation of New York on his left.

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February 01, 2016

Innoetics had been working

Samsung quietly acquires Greek text-to-speech startup
With the launch of Bixby and reports that Samsung is building its own competitor to Amazon’s Echo, the consumer electronics giant has now made an acquisition that could help power its next generation of voice-powered services Laser Sticker.

Samsung has acquired Innoetics, a startup out of Greece that has developed text-to-speech and voice-to-speech technology that can, among other things, listen to a person speaking, train on what that person is saying, and then read out a piece of completely unrelated text in that same voice.

"Samsung has agreed to acquire Innoetics,” the company told us in an emailed statement in response to our questions. "Samsung is always exploring ways to deepen our relationships with companies like Innoetics whose technologies present an opportunity to strengthen Samsung’s capabilities.”

primarily on B2B services up to now, with telcos and other businesses using its tech by way of a set of APIs. Innoetics has now posted a note on on the homepage of its website announcing that these B2B services have now been discontinued reenex.

It’s not clear yet what Samsung plans to do with the tech, but according to one person, "it is perfectly suited for consumer services.”

In other words, we could see it working with Bixby, or a new piece of hardware, or something for Samsung’s extensive mobile handset business, or all of the above. Or something else entirely different, given Samsung’s reach into so many other areas of consumer electronics. In any case, Samsung plans to keep Innoetics and its 8-10 employees (the higher number includes contractors) based in Athens as a subsidiary of its wider business Enterprise Data Backup.

Terms of the deal — which officially closed last Friday — have not been disclosed, but we understand that it’s one of the bigger exits for a tech startup in Greece. Sources tell us that Innoetics went for less than the amount Daimler paid for Taxibeat, an Uber rival that it acquired earlier this year for around €40 million ($43 million).

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January 15, 2016

Cover raises $8 million to insure your belongings

Applying for homeowner’s insurance should be as easy as waving your phone camera around your room. That’s the premise behind Cover, an app that recommends insurance based on what’s photographed in your home.

Whether it’s electronics, jewelry or even your pet, Cover will cover just about anything. Cover is licensed to sell insurance and they work with Progressive, Allstate, Nationwide and other major providers to tailor a plan for the customer, taking about a 10 to 15 percent commission for referring the business DataHOUSE.

Now they’ve raised an $8 million Series A led by Social Capital and are announcing a previously undisclosed $3 million seed round. Arjun Sethi from Social Capital will be joining Cover’s board.

Cover is "reducing the amount of friction it takes for you to feel secure as a human being,” said Sethi. "Everyone needs insurance.”

The Cover team believes their biggest competitor is Geico and that there’s a large market opportunity to make the insurance process more convenient for consumers. CEO Karn Saroya says that taking a photo is essential to the process. "You’ve proven that your property exists in a given time in a given place in a given condition.”

The room-scanning process is completely free for consumers and Saroya says it’s resulted in almost 100,000 requests since launching last year. He says the typical user is age 28 and has a college degree. Auto and homeowner’s insurance are the most common requests Hong Thai Travel.

Cover is not the only startup to use the phone camera for insurance purposes. Snapsheet has built a business around smartphones and car accidents.

Before Cover, Saroya and others on his team built a company that was acqui-hired by Shopify. They then launched Cover via the popular Y Combinator startup accelerator .

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December 28, 2015

the clouds drifted from pole to pole

I sought the orchard, driven to its shelter by the wind, which all day had blown strong and full from the south, without, however, bringing a speck of rain. Instead of subsiding as night drew on, it seemed to augment its rush and deepen its roar: the trees blew steadfastly one way, never writhing round, and scarcely tossing back their boughs once in an hour; so continuous was the strain bending their branchy heads northward, fast following, mass on mass: no glimpse of blue sky had been visible that July day  reenex.

It was not without a certain wild pleasure I ran before the wind, delivering my trouble of mind to the measureless air-torrent thundering through space. Descending the laurel walk, I faced the wreck of the chestnut-tree; it stood up black and riven: the trunk, split down the centre, gasped ghastly. The cloven halves were not broken from each other, for the firm base and strong roots kept them unsundered below; though community of vitality was destroyed -- the sap could flow no more: their great boughs on each side were dead, and next winter's tempests would be sure to fell one or both to earth: as yet, however, they might be said to form one tree -- a ruin, but an entire ruin.

You did right to hold fast to each other, I said: as if the monster-splinters were living things, and could hear me. I think, scathed as you look, and charred and scorched, there must be a little sense of life in you yet, rising out of that adhesion at the faithful, honest roots: you will never have green leaves more -- never more see birds making nests and singing idyls in your boughs; the time of pleasure and love is over with you: but you are not desolate: each of you has a comrade to sympathise with him in his decay reenex.

As I looked up at them, the moon appeared momentarily in that part of the sky which filled their fissure; her disk was blood- red and half overcast; she seemed to throw on me one bewildered, dreary glance, and buried herself again instantly in the deep drift of cloud. The wind fell, for a second, round Thornfield; but far away over wood and water, poured a wild, melancholy wail: it was sad to listen to, and I ran off again.

Here and there I strayed through the orchard, gathered up the apples with which the grass round the tree roots was thickly strewn; then I employed myself in dividing the ripe from the unripe; I carried them into the house and put them away in the store-room. Then I repaired to the library to ascertain whether the fire was lit, for, though summer, I knew on such a gloomy evening Mr. Rochester would like to see a cheerful hearth when he came in: yes, the fire had been kindled some time, and burnt well. I placed his arm-chair by the chimney-corner: I wheeled the table near it: I let down the curtain, and had the candles brought in ready for lighting. More restless than ever, when I had completed these arrangements I could not sit still, nor even remain in the house: a little time-piece in the room and the old clock in the hall simultaneously struck ten reenex.

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December 10, 2015

talked comparatively little

It was not till after I had withdrawn to my own chamber for the night, that I steadily reviewed the tale Mr. Rochester had told me. As he had said, there was probably nothing at all extraordinary in the substance of the narrative itself: a wealthy Englishman's passion for a French dancer, and her treachery to him, were everyday matters enough, no doubt, in society; but there was something decidedly strange in the paroxysm of emotion which had suddenly seized him when he was in the act of expressing the present contentment of his mood, and his newly revived pleasure in the old hall and its environs. I meditated wonderingly on this incident; but gradually quitting it, as I found it for the present inexplicable, I turned to the consideration of my master's manner to myself. The confidence he had thought fit to repose in me seemed a tribute to my discretion: I regarded and accepted it as such. His deportment had now for some weeks been more uniform towards me than at the first. I never seemed in his way; he did not take fits of chilling hauteur: when he met me unexpectedly, the encounter seemed welcome; he had always a word and sometimes a smile for me: when summoned by formal invitation to his presence, I was honoured by a cordiality of reception that made me feel I really possessed the power to amuse him, and that these evening conferences were sought as much for his pleasure as for my benefit.

I, indeed,  but I heard him talk with relish. It was his nature to be communicative; he liked to open to a mind unacquainted with the world glimpses of its scenes and ways (I do not mean its corrupt scenes and wicked ways, but such as derived their interest from the great scale on which they were acted, the strange novelty by which they were characterised); and I had a keen delight in receiving the new ideas he offered, in imagining the new pictures he portrayed, and following him in thought through the new regions he disclosed, never startled or troubled by one noxious allusion.

The ease of his manner freed me from painful restraint: the friendly frankness, as correct as cordial, with which he treated me, drew me to him. I felt at times as if he were my relation rather than my master: yet he was imperious sometimes still; but I did not mind that; I saw it was his way. So happy, so gratified did I become with this new interest added to life, that I ceased to pine after kindred: my thin crescent-destiny seemed to enlarge; the blanks of existence were filled up; my bodily health improved; I gathered flesh and strength.

And was Mr. Rochester now ugly in my eyes? No, reader: gratitude, and many associations, all pleasurable and genial, made his face the object I best liked to see; his presence in a room was more cheering than the brightest fire. Yet I had not forgotten his faults; indeed, I could not, for he brought them frequently before me. He was proud, sardonic, harsh to inferiority of every description: in my secret soul I knew that his great kindness to me was balanced by unjust severity to many others. He was moody, too; unaccountably so; I more than once, when sent for to read to him, found him sitting in his library alone, with his head bent on his folded arms; and, when he looked up, a morose, almost a malignant, scowl blackened his features. But I believed that his moodiness, his harshness, and his former faults of morality (I say FORMER, for now he seemed corrected of them) had their source in some cruel cross of fate. I believed he was naturally a man of better tendencies, higher principles, and purer tastes than such as circumstances had developed, education instilled, or destiny encouraged. I thought there were excellent materials in him; though for the present they hung together somewhat spoiled and tangled. I cannot deny that I grieved for his grief, whatever that was, and would have given much to assuage it.

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November 24, 2015

was now all her concern

How she should begin--how she should express herself in her note toEdward,. The particular circumstances betweenthem made a difficulty of that which to any other person would havebeen the easiest thing in the world; but she equally feared to say toomuch or too little, and sat deliberating over her paper, with the penin her hand, till broken in on by the entrance of Edward himself.

He had met Mrs. Jennings at the door in her way to the carriage, as hecame to leave his farewell card; and she, after apologising for notreturning herself, had obliged him to enter, by saying that MissDashwood was above, and wanted to speak with him on very particularbusiness.

Elinor had just been congratulating herself, in the midst of herperplexity, that however difficult it might be to express herselfproperly by letter, it was at least preferable to giving theinformation by word of mouth, when her visitor entered, to force herupon this greatest exertion of all. Her astonishment and confusionwere very great on his so sudden appearance. She had not seen himbefore since his engagement became public, and therefore not since hisknowing her to be acquainted with it; which, with the consciousness ofwhat she had been thinking of, and what she had to tell him, made herfeel particularly uncomfortable for some minutes. He too was muchdistressed; and they sat down together in a most promising state ofembarrassment.--Whether he had asked her pardon for his intrusion onfirst coming into the room, he could not recollect; but determining tobe on the safe side, he made his apology in form as soon as he couldsay any thing, after taking a chair.

"Mrs. Jennings told me," said he, "that you wished to speak with me, atleast I understood her so--or I certainly should not have intruded onyou in such a manner; though at the same time, I should have beenextremely sorry to leave London without seeing you and your sister;especially as it will most likely be some time--it is not probable thatI should soon have the pleasure of meeting you again. I go to Oxfordtomorrow."

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November 17, 2015

I shall very soon think him handsome,

Of his sense and his goodness," continued Elinor, "no one can, I think, be in doubt, who has seen him often enough to engage him in unreserved conversation. The excellence of his understanding and his principles can be concealed only by that shyness which too often keeps him silent. You know enough of him to do justice to his solid worth. But of his minuter propensities, as you call them you have from peculiar circumstances been kept more ignorant than myself. He and I have been at times thrown a good deal together, while you have been wholly engrossed on the most affectionate principle by my mother. I have seen a great deal of him, have studied his sentiments and heard his opinion on subjects of literature and taste; and, upon the whole, I venture to pronounce that his mind is well-informed, enjoyment of books exceedingly great, his imagination lively, his observation just and correct, and his taste delicate and pure.

His abilities in every respect improve as much upon acquaintance as his manners and person. At first sight, his address is certainly not striking; and his person can hardly be called handsome, till the expression of his eyes, which are uncommonly good, and the general sweetness of his countenance, is perceived. At present, I know him so well, that I think him really handsome; or at least, almost so. What say you, Marianne?

Elinor, if I do not now. When you tell me to love him as a brother, I shall no more see imperfection in his face, than I now do in his heart.

Elinor started at this declaration, and was sorry for the warmth she had been betrayed into, in speaking of him. She felt that Edward stood very high in her opinion. She believed the regard to be mutual; but she required greater certainty of it to make Marianne's conviction of their attachment agreeable to her. She knew that what Marianne and her mother conjectured one moment, they believed the next--that with them, to wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect. She tried to explain the real state of the case to her sister.

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November 06, 2015

thriving middle class

My top priority as President is making sure we do everything we can to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth – a rising.

Yesterday, we received some welcome news on that front. We learned that our businesses added nearly 250,000 new jobs last month. The unemployment rate fell to 7.7% – still too high, but now lower than it was when I took office.

Our businesses have created jobs every month for three years straight – nearly 6.4 million new jobs in all. Our manufacturers are bringing jobs back to America. Our stock market has rebounded. New homes are being built and sold at a faster pace. And we need to do everything we can to keep that momentum going.

That means asking ourselves three questions every day: How do we make America a magnet for new jobs? How do we equip more of our people with the skills those jobs require? And how do we make sure that your hard work leads to a decent living?

That has to be our driving focus – our North Star. And at a time when our businesses are gaining a little more traction, the last thing we should do is allow Washington politics to get in the way. You deserve better than the same political gridlock and refusal to compromise that has too often passed for serious debate over the last few years.

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October 09, 2015

more nations are joining our coalition

Meanwhile, because we’re leading the right way,. Over 40 countries have offered to help the broad campaign against ISIL so far – from training and equipment, to humanitarian relief, to flying combat missions. And this week, at the United Nations, I’ll continue to rally the world against this threat.

This is an effort that America has the unique ability to lead. When the world is threatened; when the world needs help; it calls on America. And we call on our troops. Whether it’s to degrade and ultimately destroy a group of terrorists, or to contain and combat a threat like the Ebola epidemic in Africa; we ask a lot of our troops. But while our politics may be divided at times, the American people stand united around supporting our troops and their families. This is a moment of American leadership. Thanks to them, it is a moment we will meet.

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August 26, 2015

The other shore open one thousand years

In April, to study in Load Balancing the home, chasing the dream, half the soul on the road, half the soul wandering in the text. Always wanted to do a talented male Polytechnic, but found to write what inspiration is less and less. This subtle, difficult to capture, is what time to start to go away from me, and become increasingly less control? I thought to myself. Suddenly wake up, seems to be from you after appearing in my life.

You look like the quiet lotus technology transfer like woman, far view of elegant, light and delicate fragrance smell near. Have your time is happy, have your dreams is sweet, your charming smile, think of is still the appearance of the first time. I don't have the heart to tell you, because you have lost the inspiration for me for a while, you bring me joy, buried the will of my loneliness. But I don't blame you, because this is only temporarily, so maybe I can change the style to be pessimistic and worldweary. If so, I would also like to thank you, far from my beloved bride.

I always believe
in fate, what kind of fruit do Yindeshen believe so, for love, I will cherish. Remember that Eileen Chang has a word, that you will meet those you have met. For thousands of years, the time has not been a long time. I think this is fate. There is not a good attitude to meet the new chapter of life, it is time to build up your own castle. I wish all my friends happy Ankang.

And the distant relatives, you gave me life, gave me everything I have now: health, beauty and wisdom. My kind parents, even if I have grown up, you still used to put me in. It was you all, and it taught me that I was no longer afraid of difficulties. Perhaps this flower is particularly large, and perhaps this flower is a very special, in short, it must be very beautiful. I want the seed to sprout from the root to the result, how can it be ten thousand years. Not a tenacious soul, how can without reason out of beautiful flowers?

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